Tips For Storing And Cleaning Your Hammock

Storing And Cleaning Your Hammock

Just like everything else, your hammock will need proper cleaning and storage for it to serve you well for long.

Every hammock owner loves the joys of relaxing in it. Fewer things are more fun than just swinging there with your favorite book or nothing in your mind at all. Amidst this fun, you may forget to care for it and clean it as often as you should. Is it as dull as it sounds, the care part? Well, not if you enjoy the smell and feel of a clean hammock.

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Washing A Spreader Bar Hammock

Spreader hammocks have irremovable spreader bars that make them a little challenging to clean. Naturally, the bars will prevent them from being machine-friendly. The best way to wash this hammock is by first spreading it on flat ground, then soaking it with soapy water. After that, you want to use a mild brush to scrub it, being sure not to ruin the strings.

Once you have cleaned both sides, leave it to dry under direct sunlight. You want to ensure your hammock dries completely before storage. It could take a day or two depending on the weather conditions in your area.

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Storing a Spreader Hammock

First, ensure that your hammock is completely dry. Storing it damp may ruin the threads. It helps to apply ointment on the bars just before storage to keep them in mint condition. Get a storage bag from your retailer, and especially one that is made of breathable material. Also, ensure that the bag is weatherproof to keep moisture away.

To fold the hammock, bring the two hanging rings together and fold the rest of the material into two at first. Wrap it further in a way that will not tangle it, as many times as you need to fit it into the storage bag. That’s all!

Cleaning a spreader-bar hammock

Washing A Non-Spreader Hammock

These hammocks are quite easy to clean and care for, seeing as they have no bars. Most of them are also made of easy care material that is machine washable.

To get them ready for a wash, whether by machine or by hand, tie the two metal rings together to prevent tangling, and the middle part as well to keep the hammock compact. Do not bleach to keep the colors intact, but you can use a mild washing detergent. Place it in a pillow them pop I into the washing machine.

If hand washing, soak it in soapy water for several hours depending on how dirty is it. When rubbing it, be keen not to pull the threads apart.

To dry the hammock, spread it the hanging line and fasten it with pegs so that the sun penetrates all the parts. You want it to dry thoroughly before storage, and again it may take up to two days depending on Miss. Sunshine’s availability.

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Storage Tips

You always want to ensure that your hammock is complexly dry to avoid mold. Using protective sprays will further protect it from moth and other critters that could be up to no good. Get a breathable bag that does not allow in moisture for the hammock’s safety.

Enjoy It For Longer

A hammock will last as short as one year or for as long as five depending on how you care for it. You only have to wash it when you discover stains, or at least thrice a month if you sleep in it every day.

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