Camping Double Hammock

Camping Double Hammock

This review is for one of the best camping hammocks on the market. It has a weight capacity of up to 600lbs.

Whether you are planning a camping trip to get away from your normal life or thinking of creating a relaxing nook in your backyard, you could never go wrong with a hammock. In either scenario, a light and easy-to-install hammock will serve you best.

This particular brand is popular with the camping community for various reasons. It does not end things at functionality but design as well. It is made of sturdy material, with a selection of beautiful colors. The constant color is gray, while the options are between red, blue, green, and orange.

Let’s take you through the particulars of this camping hammock.


First, it comes in two sizes: the double or single. Whichever you choose, the quality is the same, and the package comes with all the items you will need to get it up there. Setup takes less than 10 minutes if you follow the instructions in the manual.


If you are going camping or backpacking through the wild, the last thing you need is a heavy load to hold you back. This hammock is super light, weighing 2lbs for the single and 2.2lbs for the double hammock. You get a carrying case that is designed to fit every hanging accessory that you will need. The pack is also made of weatherproof material that protects your hammock from the elements.


This hammock is made of standard parachute material, so it is as close to rip resistant as it gets. The manufacturer has designed this hammock with the intention of giving campers the ideal bed, hence the material and solid construction of the hanging gear.

Excellent Size

The single hammock measures 106’’x 55’’ while the double measures 118’’x 78’’. When you set it up correctly following the guidelines in the manual, you will achieve the perfect banana shape. The single size has a 400lb weight capacity, while the double will hold up to 600lbs.

When compressed, these hammocks become even smaller, allowing you to pack them in the carrying case. The single folds into 7”x5” while the double folds down to 9”x5”. They become so small that you will never think they expand to their respective sizes.

Hanging Gear

You will need carabiners and tree straps if you are going to hang this hammock correctly on the tree. It comes with two alloy carabiners that hold up to 2000lbs, and sets of tree straps depending on the size. The pack includes at least 2 heavy duty tree straps, and more for the doubles sized hammock. You also get multiple sturdy loops in the pack.

Price and Care

This hammock is ridiculously cheap, considering its quality and size. The material is machine washable nut you can also hand wash it using a mild detergent. It cleans easily and needs about a day to dry completely depending on the weather conditions.


  • It weighs 2.2lbs.
  • It comes in various colors.
  • It accommodates up to 600lbs.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It sets up quickly, and the pack has all the hanging gear you will need.


  • It is not rip resistant.
  • It stains easily.


Don’t spend a fortune on a hammock when you can get a high-quality one at this reasonable price. Also, why sleep in a tent while you can spend the night suspended on a stylish hammock?

Load limit
118’’x 78’’
116 x 70 inches
112 x 60 inches
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