Buying Guide For The Best Two-Person Hammock On The Market

Best Two-Person Hammock On The Market

The best two-person hammock not only needs to be wide, but also it should have a reasonable load capacity. We have here some of the best on the market.

The best fun is had with company! Imagine how relaxing it would be to laze in the sun with a loved one or to cuddle in the evening in the same hammock as you look out for falling stars. Simple but precious moments like these will call for the best two-person hammock on the market.

What You Should Look Out For

Load Capacity

You will be interested in the weight limit of the hammock, which will be informed by your weight and that of your partner. However, it is safe going with the most accommodative that you can get even if it is way above your combined weight.

Standard double hammocks have a 500lb carrying capacity, but there are a few that go over that. Naturally, they will be heavier by a few ounces when compared their single-person counterparts.

Spreader Bars or None?

Spreader-bar hammocks are best for lounging in the sun. They are not ideal for use as beds as they will most likely land you on the floor when you dose off. They are also a bit heavy given the bars, and you can only hand wash them seeing as you cannot get the entire thing into the washing machine. The main advantage is in their width, which could accommodate a family of three or four.

Fabric hammocks, on the other hand, are light and they make great bed substitutes. They are easy to maintain and wash, although the downside is that you could fee claustrophobic if you hang the hammock poorly.

Dimensions and Material

Although most hammocks are nylon made, you will find a few made of cotton. Both materials are durable, but cotton is a little warmer as compared to nylon. If you are looking at cooler destinations for your adventures, you may want to factor that in. Cotton, unfortunately, takes longer to dry when washed and that is where nylon shines.

Larger hammocks cost more than single profiles, and as for comfort, you can always improve that by adding a quilt to your bed.

Reviewing The Best 2-Person Hammocks

Comparison Table

Load Capacity
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(Editor’s Choice)

79 x 118 inches
75*118 inches
10*66 feet
75 x 11 inches
9′ 4″ x 4′ 7″
  1. Clark Vertex 2-Person Double Hammock

This hammock is quite expensive, but then again not many come close to the comfort it offers. This suspension hammock is complete with a no-see-um net that is zippered on both sides to allow easy exit and entry.


It is made of breathable nylon that is durable to the core. Inside the 700-pounder hammock is a separation so that each sleeper feels as though they have their personal space. Each compartment has a zipper so that you can get out without waking your partner.

It measures 75 inches long, and it broad enough to accommodate two adults. The entire package weighs 5lbs, although that includes the hanging gear. Remove that, and you will have less than 3lbs for the hammock.

What makes the hammock the darling of campers is the netting that we mentioned above. You sleep better when you are not swatting mosquitoes and slapping critters. Two sturdy but light poles hold the mesh together. So, the package includes the hammock, poles, ropes for hanging it up and the carrying pouch.


  • It holds up to 700lbs.
  • It has a No-See-Um netting to keep critters at bay.
  • It is extensive and long.
  • Comes with high-quality gear.


  • It is expensive.
  • You may have a problem finding trees with the resilience to handle this hammock.
  • No tree straps are included.

This tent is large, as you will notice, and you may need to look around until you find the ideal tree for it. Nonetheless, yours will be money well spent.

  1. Rada Handmade Yucatan Hammock 

This Mayan hammock is hand woven for comfort. The threads are fine but sturdy, and the hand weaving ensures that they are as close to perfect as possible. For this reason, this hammock is easy to clean and care for. The thin threads are woven together to leave only enough space to allow in some breeze.


The hammock threads are 100% cotton, although the ropes that tie it to the tree are 100% polyester. Because cotton is slightly heavy, it is ideal for cooler locations, unless in this case where threads allow air through. It takes a while to dry when washed, and so you may want to be keen not to soil it.

This hammock is 14 feet in length, and it needs to be hung at least 12 inches off the ground as per standards. It holds up to 550lbs. You can choose to hang it on trees and poles, or you can purchase a stand from Rada.


  • It weighs 2.7lbs.
  • You can hang it on trees or a stand.
  • It accommodates up to 550lbs
  • The material is sturdy and easy to maintain.


  • The package does not include hanging gear.
  • The neat threading needs care.

This hammock is not only beautiful, but it is functional too. Its neutral color remains for as long as you have it. Threads are easy to ruin, but keen care will keep this hammock in excellent shape for long.

  1. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Hammock

A little color never hurt anyone no? Well, this blue and green hammock cotton hammock is as colorful as they come, and it is also quite light for travels. It weighs 3.3lbs, which is just right for a bed that will accommodate two people with the combined weight of 475lbs.

The fabric is a combination of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. Cotton is known to be strong and durable, and fortifying it with polyester only makes it stronger. The colors stay intact even after several washes, as long as you use mild detergent and no bleach.

As goes for many cotton hammocks, the fabric could tangle when washing. Knot it in the middle to prevent this from happening whether hand washing or washing it in the machine. The fabric will certainly take longer to dry, seeing as it is heavier, but keeping it under direct sunlight helps.

You can hang this hammock on trees or poles, or you can buy a stand if you want to hang it in your backyard.


  • The combination of material keeps it warm and rip-free.
  • It is colorful.
  • It is light yet accommodative.


  • It needs proper hanging to prevent the claustrophobic feel.

This hammock is roomy, and it will handle up to 475lbs without fussing. You will need to hang it properly to avoid feeling suffocated by its vastness.

  1. 2 Person Free Standing Hammock

Spreader-bar hammocks are great for relaxing by the pool or the backyard with a book, your laptop, or a drink. Thus particular one comes with a warm, knitted, colorful quilt with a pillow. It comes with a heavy-duty steel stand too that you will set in minutes. The entire ensemble weighs 36lbs.

The stand is not only easy to set up, but it is also simple to bring down using the side buttons on each side of the bars. Since steel is not affected by inclement weather, you can leave the bed out all year round. The quilt cleans easy, seeing as it is cotton made and machine washable.

As much as this hammock is marketed as a bar hammock, you can hang it n a tree as it has the ropes for it. You will only need to get some tree straps. It is accommodating, seeing as it holds a maximum 450lbs.


  • Accommodates two adults of weight not exceeding 450lbs.
  • You can hang it on outdoors or indoors.
  • The quilt is machine washable and comfortable, as is the pillow.


  • The bars prevent it from being machine washable.
  • The stand makes it too heavy for camping.

Those looking for a versatile hammock that they can use indoors and outdoors will find this one the ideal compromise. It will need care to keep the threads in perfect condition, but it is worth every ounce of energy.

  1. Sunnydaze Portable Hand-Woven

This hand woven Mayan hammock is a true depiction of the people that make it- colorful and vibrant. The overall bed measures 79 x 118 inches, and its load limit is 770lbs. Without a doubt, this hammock is one of the largest you will find. It can carry up to 4 adults at the same time.

It is soft, supple, and durable, thanks to the combination of cotton (80%) and nylon (20%). You can hang it on trees although it would be an effort finding trunks that strong, or you can purchase a universal stand for it (15-foot stand). It weighs 3.7lbs.


  • Roomy with a large weight limit
  • Sturdy as the bed is cotton while the ropes are nylon.
  • Reasonably priced for a hammock its size
  • It is light (3.7lbs).


  • It could be hard to find trees accommodating this size of a hammock.
  • The threads need proper care to stay in great shape.

The load limit in this hammock is its most admirable quality. The vibrant colors also make it easy on the eye.

Get Yours Already!

All these are undoubtedly some of the best two-person hammocks, but there can only be one editor’s choice. We like the Sunnydaze Portable Hand-Woven for its size and colors. It may not have a No-See-Um net, but we are looking at this from the indoor-outdoor angle. It needs no tools to hang, and the gear that you will need is quite easy to find in any hardware shop. It effortlessly fits a family of three! See why it makes the top of the table?


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