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My name is Lauren, and I welcome you to my page! We are all about the hammock life here, and so I will spend days poring through content from the interwebs to bring you the most updated information about hammocks. Settle in and let’s explore together.

My love for hammocks goes way back to my childhood. My parents are typical holiday lovers, and so we would spend most of each year exploring sunny destinations. Well, anyone would love being in sunny Florida when the rest of the country is covered in snow, no?

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During vacations, I would spend most of my lazy time in hammocks. Here was where my best dreams were dreamed, and my best books read. I would pretend that I owned the island, and armed with a pretend cocktail (juice served in fancy glasses complete with straws and tropical fruits); I would put on my sunglasses and lounge in the hammock. Other times I would bring my favorite comic books and read until I fell, asleep. Blissful days those were.

I must have begged hundreds of times to bring the hammock home after every vacation, but my parents said that they were not allowed in residential dwellings. I bought into that lie. You can now imagine my dismay when I learned (high school years) that you could actually substitute your bed with a hammock. My life was a lie! Okay, maybe my parents did this with good intent. I would have spent all my days lazing in that hammock, and maybe I would never have ventured into recreational activities. I will take that.

Now I am all grown, and the love affair with hammocks never ended. If anything, it intensified. Now, I derive such joy in travel and ‘hammocking.’ I thought it was only fair that I spread the knowledge.

Hammocks! Where do I start? What we will be doing here is telling you everything you need to know about hammocks. We delve into its history to see where this tradition started and we’ll talk about the smart people who invented this wonderful bed, and then we get into the meat of it: brands.

Just like any other invention all over the world, the market is chocking with brands. A newbie is prone to get confused. We take the burden off you, looking into the various brands that we have and comparing them to each other. Oh, you will certainly like this: we will let you know when there are offers so you can take advantage.

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Now, I will not say I have not bought bad hammocks. Oh, I have, severally. I have bought hammocks that did not last three months, and I have some in storage that I have wanted to throw away, simply because they lasted too long. I try to give most of them away (the good ones), but I am such a hoarder.

What I will do on this site is help you learn from my mistakes. I will be honest with the ‘bad potatoes’ and endorse those that have worked for me.

Take this joyous journey with me here, and we will have so much fun together. And learning, fun learning! Cheers!