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Best Hammock

Did you know that the Mayan Indians used the first hammock over 1,000 years ago? Do you know that substituting your bed for a hammock is beneficial to your brain?

Lately, more and more people are embracing the hammock life. You see, sometimes all you need to rejuvenate is the perfect place to lay your tired body with a cold beer and a good book. With the best hammock on the market, you will create a relaxation nook fit for the queen (or king) right in your backyard.

That is why we created this list of the best hammocks for 2017. We have keenly picked the ones that are portable and easy to install while making it as pocket-friendly as possible.

Name of Hammock
Rope Material
Max Weight Capacity
Sky Brazilian Double Hammock
Cotton and Polyester
Handmade Yucatan Hammock
Mayan -Polyester
Driftsun Double Hammock
Brazilian – Cotton
Algoma Cotton Rope Hammock
Vivere Brazilian Style Double Hammock
Large Brazilian Hammock Chair
Sorbus Brazilian Double Hammock
Cotton and Polyester
2 Person Free Standing Hammock
Newdora Camping Hammock
Best Choice Rope Hammock

The Best Hammock for 2017

  1. Sky Brazilian Double Hammock-Ideal For Two People And It Is Colorful

This hammock is large and can handle two people, but it is limited in the size of hammock stands. Anything less than 9 inches would be too small.



  • Soft woven cotton fabric
  • Big enough to hold two people
  • Portable
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 475lbs
  • Rope made of cotton and polyester

This Brazilian style hammock is large enough to hold two adults comfortably. It weighs just over 3lbs, so it is light to carry around. The manufacturer throws in a carrying case when you make the purchase. The recommended hanging dimensions are 12 feet for the length and over 144 inches for width.

It is made of cotton, and hence best for indoor use as cotton takes long to dry when wet. The rope is a mix of polyester and cotton, both of which are individually durable. While this hammock has no minimum weight limit, the heaviest it can hold is 475lbs.

This baby is compatible with various hammock stands as long as they are over 9 feet long.


  • Big enough to handle adults.
  • Polyester and cotton are durable materials for the rope.
  • It hangs easily.
  • It is quite light.


  • Cotton as hammock material is quite heavy and it takes long to dry.
  • The maximum weight capacity could be limiting for two adults.


If the combined weight of your partner and yourself is less than 475lbs, then this could be the ideal hammock for you. The price is not steep, and it is durable.

  1. Handmade Yucatan Hammock –Allows Air Circulation, Making It Ideal For Humid Areas

This hammock is made in the Mayan style, so the strings are woven in a way that allows air to circulate. It makes it feel light too. Unfortunately, the light strings are not ideal for cool temperatures.



  • The rope is polyester, while the body is cotton.
  • Hand woven
  • Its maximum length is 14 inches.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 550lbs
  • It can handle two adults.

This Mayan hammock is made of cotton, and the rope is polyester. This blend is perfect since both materials are durable and strong on their own. It is hand woven and light enough for breezy lounging. It handles quite lot too-550 lbs at the maximum. You can opt to hang it on two trees, or you can go ahead and purchase a stand for it.

The cotton fabric of this hammock as well as the polyester material are both durable, and the rope will last as long as the hammock is in use. Thanks to its light nature, you can substitute your bed for it. Again, it only weighs 2.5lbs, and so you can carry it for your camping trips.


  • Big enough to handle two adults
  • Maximum weight capacity is 550llbs
  • It is easy to install
  • The ropes are highly resistant and durable


  • It is too light for cool temperatures.
  • It only works with specific stands.
  • You will need a distance of at least 11 feet to hang it.


This beautiful hand woven hammock looks as though it was woven with love. It is charming, light, and large for two people to lounge on. As long as you have the space for it, you are good to go.

  1. Driftsun Double Hammock – The easiest hammock to install without the need for tools

Anyone can set this hammock up, as it does not require tools. Unfortunately, it needs a lot of space to accommodate the metal stand.



  • Quick set up
  • It can handle up to 450lbs
  • Has a metal stand
  • Colorful
  • Weighs 26lbs

This hammock comes in various colors, bringing out the sunny side of the country in your backyard. The steel stand is sturdy to handle up to 450bs, and the material stretches to accommodate two or more people as long as they are within the weight limit.

It is easy to install and will not need any tools. The cotton material stretches out when you hung it, and so you will need to leave an 8-12 inch allowance from the ground to prevent it from hanging too far.


  • Easy setup
  • It is large to handle two people cumulatively weighing 450lbs
  • The hammock stand is all-weather.


  • Too heavy to haul around as it weighs 26lbs
  • The metal stand will need quite a lot of space.


If you have the space for the metal stand, then you can set this in your backyard and never have to worry about removing it. The stand is steel-made and coated to handle the elements.

  1. Algoma Cotton Rope Hammock-The most comfortable Pad and Pillow

This spreader hammock is ideal for sunning and lounging. Unfortunately, you can fall off if you fell asleep or lean too much to one side.



  • Spreader hammock
  • Has an easy to clean pad and pillow for comfort
  • The rope is cotton and resilient
  • Has a drink and iPad holder.

This hammock was made with the typical beach goers in mind. Seeing as it is a spreader hammock, it is easy to put up on its steel stand. The stand is sold as part of the package. This hammock is priced right, especially considering that the stand is included.

The ropes are cotton made to endure harsh weather and decent weight. The maximum weight capacity on this baby is 275lbs. The spreader itself weighs less than 5lbs, but the stand is over 40lbs. Unfortunately, this is not very portable unless you are driving to the camping ground. Fortunately, you can always tie the ropes up to trees and ditch the stand.


  • The drink holder is a nice touch.
  • The cotton ropes will preserve
  • The pillow and pad are another nice touch, and they are also easy-care.


  • 275lbs is on the lower side.
  • You can easily fall off the hammock.


If you like sunning yourself, then this hammock is great, especially including the drink holder. You could easily work from it.

  1. Vivere Brazilian Style Double Hammock-Tightly Weaved To Prevent The Natural Colors From Running

This hammock is colorful and light too, but you will have to buy all the hanging gear separately. It also forms an uncomfortable cocoon if you hang it too tightly.



  • Weight capacity: 450lbs
  • Colors: Various
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Accepts universal stands and you can hang it by the polyester ropes

The fabric on this hammock is not only colorful, but it washes well too. It dries quickly so that you can return to your lounging without waiting too long.

How you hang it determines how comfortable you will be in this hammock. Since the ropes and fabric are a bit tightly woven, it is recommended you leave enough space to prevent it from constraining you.

The cotton fabric is durable, and the ropes are polyester and durable too. It has a weight cap of 450lbs, which is ideal for two adults.


  • The material cleans easily and dries fast.
  • You can attach it a stand or hang it on trees.
  • It is wide and handles quite some weight, so it is ideal for two adults.


  • When you hang it on trees, it forms a cocoon.
  • The tight knight could work negatively if you hang it a bit too snugly.


The fabric on this hammock is the real deal. You could use it every day for three years and not have a sign of tear. Most people say they pry the hammock open before they get in, in case you hang it too tight. It is quite cheap too, and we recommend it for home and outdoor use.

  1. Large Brazilian Hammock Chair-Big And Comfortable With Fabric That Stretches

This hammock is as large as the manufacturer says it is, and it has excellent stitching. However, it only handles a maximum 300lbs, which limits the number of people that can be in it at the same time.



  • Colorful
  • Excellent stitching
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Works with universal stands

The stitching on the hammock is good, and so you can count on it handling its load capacity without giving in. It is quite big, judging by the dimensions, but there is the little concern of it handling only up to 300lbs. If you are using it alone, the weight is ideal, but heavy couples would not be accommodated.

It weighs a mere 4lbs, which you can carry comfortably when camping. It calls for easy setup, without any need for tools, so campers will not bring too much to the ground. If you do not have a stand, you can hang it on trees or other stable objects.


  • Its dimensions are 18.9 x 14.96 x 25.59 inches.
  • It has a lifetime guarantee.
  • This baby is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


  • It only handles up to 300lbs.
  • The minimum hanging height is 7 feet.
  • Hanging gear is not included in the package.


As long as you can hang it on a stand that is not less than 7 feet, you will have this comfortable hammock in your backyard or your house fir the longest time. It is a combo of polyester and cotton, materials that are touted for their longevity. The only downside to this hammock is the weight limit.

  1. Sorbus Brazilian Double Hammock-One Of The Larger Ones In Dimensions And Load Capacity

The fabric is not only colorful but durable too. However, it creates a cocoon effect that could result in you folding your back unnaturally when sleeping.


Whether you are looking to add to our camping gear or you want one for your home, this hammock is great in many ways. It is easy to install whether on the tree or a stand, and it has a large capacity at cap 450lbs.

The dimensions are decent at 2 x 13 x 14.5 inches. It weighs 3lbs, ideal weight for hauling up the mountains when you go camping, and the manufacturer throws in a carrying pouch to make tour work easier. The primary material on this hammock is cotton, allowing air to circulate at night. It may t ake a minute longer to dry, but it makes up for that by lasting long.


  • It is big and can accommodate up to 450lbs.
  • The ropes are made of polyester, which is lasting, as is the cotton fabric.
  • It is colorful.
  • You can hang this hammock anywhere that it will have an 8-inch clearance.


  • Since it creates a cocoon, some people may wake up feeling tired.
  • It is too big, and so children may feel claustrophobic while in this hammock.


If you are looking for an easy to install hammock, this is it. It is colorful and large enough to accommodate two adults. This is a worthy investment.

  1. 2 Person Free Standing Hammock-One Of The Sturdiest Hammocks.

This hammock is sturdy yet easy to set up. However, it is quite expensive. Additionally, kids would have a hard time stay on it.

If you are looking for quilted spreader hammock, then this baby could be it for you. The pad is stripped, and when you hang it right, it will stay in this position all day. It is excellent for sunbathing and even working, given its flat back.

It does not need any tools to put together, and you do not have to be excessively handy to hang it. The material, cotton for the fabric and a steel stand, withstand any weather. The pad on top of the hammock has buttons, and so the wind will not blow it away. It measures 13 feet.


  • Easy to put together.
  • Both the stand and material are durable.
  • It handles two or more adults weighing less than 450lbs.


  • It is expensive.
  • If you lean whichever way, you are likely to fall off.
  • The stand makes it heavy.


Spreaders are known for being unstable, but you only need to position yourself ideally, and you will not fall off. This one has ideal stitching with a stripped pad to keep it comfortable. It handles two or more adults. We do recommend it.

These Two Hammocks Are Not Worthy Investments

  1. Island Bay Quilted Hammock-Beautiful With Great Dimensions

Although this hammock is beautiful and long (13 feet), it also not properly stitched, Being a spreader, it could drop you easily if you leaned to the side. It is also too expensive.

The specifications on this hammock say that it handles up to 450lbs, but reviewers beg to differ. The rope is nylon, which is durable, but the stitching on the quilt will not let it hold you for long. It gives way before you have gotten value for our money.

Additionally, it will need a stand for it to stabilize and it is not included in the package. Its dimensions are 77W x 54D inches.

  1. ELEMENTEX Portable Parachute Hammock –The Lightest Hammock You Will Find Anywhere

Although the color in this hammock may pull you to it, and the fact that it is super light, it does not hold anything above 250lbs.

The sellers of this hammock will call it the ideal purchase for traveling and camping in particular, but that is not the case. This hammock does not stay in its place well enough when you hang it, and it is not stitched to hold a heavy load limit.

Although it is large (118” x 79”), the polyester material that makes it forms into a cocoon regardless of how you hang it, and it leaves you feeling locked in and without air. It doesn’t help that the material is not exactly breathable.

It is pretty cheap, but you are better off getting a more expensive yet worthy model.

For most of us, hammocks are only for lazy lounging after long days. Well, in some parts of the world, especially parts of India and South America people use hammocks as beds. How cool is that? You can imagine it would be fun to be suspended in the air the entire night, but then you would need a great hammock to handle your weight ideally.

Reviewing The Best Hammocks

What do you look out for before putting your money down?

Type of Hammock

Before buying, ask yourself why you need the hammock. If it is for sleeping in, you want one that embraces your spine and keeps you comfortable all night. You even have those that can handle more than one person at the same time.

  • Spreader Bar Hammocks

They are popular for sunbathing. They are suspended on metal or wooden stands that support the top and bottom part of the fabric. These bars stretch the fabric so taut to make it ideal for sunbathing.

They are super sturdy, seeing as they have ample support, but you have to support yourself on this hammock keenly. Otherwise, you could fall off easily.

  • Jungle Hammocks

They are the typical hammocks you see in most places. They got their name from Central and South American travelers who adopted them due to their soft material. You only to suspend them from sturdy tree trucks and you are covered for the night. Naturally, the material will droop under your weight, and so you should leave an allowance for that possibility.

The modern jungle hammock is made of polyester and nylon, traits that make it popular with campers. You have the option to make yours waterproof, keep mosquitoes off, and to use camouflage material. They also dry in a heartbeat when washed.

The Mayan hammock is hand-woven by experts. It is woven looser to give the impression of so one nesting inside it. The Brazilian one is cotton made, with laces at the edges. It allows for air circulation, which is why the natives choose to sleep in it instead of a bed. The only undoing with cotton is that it takes ages to dry.

General Size of Hammock

How big are you? You want a hammock that will accommodate your frame comfortably. Naturally, hammocks will sink under your weight when you get on it, and so you should leave at least 4 inches off the ground to cater to this.

How do you hang it so that it fits correctly?

The ideal angle of the hammock (non-spreader) is 30 degrees. When hung, it should look like a banana. To achieve this, you will need to factor in your weight so that you know how many inches off the floor you will need to hang it. The distance between the supports where you hang your hammock will also matter, as it should be at least 15 inches apart.

You will know that you have a great hang when your feet can comfortably touch the ground with you seated on the hammock.


The width varies from one type to the other, but the general dimensions are 4 to 8.5 inches in width. A 6-7 inch hammock would accommodate two people depending on their sizes. You want to leave some space so that it does not become too narrow to make you feel claustrophobic. The length depends on you, but most of them go up to 8 feet tall.

Weight Capacity

Most models accommodate between 150 and 500 pounds, but that is static weight Jumping on top of it after it is hung may shorten its life. You want to get the heavy-duty kind if you plan to spend most of your nights on your purchase.

AS for its weight, most will weigh 7 ounces. Certainly, there are heavier model and brands, all depending on the nature of activity you want with your hammock. The weight does not affect the quality.

Other Important Factors

Most hammocks will withstand exposure all year round, and you will only need to worry about heavy snow. The material, whether polyester, cotton, or DuraCord, will dry eventually and the elements will not weaken it.


While price always matters, getting the most expensive hammock will not guarantee service. You want to focus on why you need the hammock so that you choose one ideally suited for the activity. The best hammock could be great for your brain, thanks to the rocking effect, and it would make camping so much more fun.

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