Hammocks have been existence since the times of Christopher Columbus; however, in recent times they have mainly been adopted for leisure. They were originally designed to offer protection to hammockers from the deadly crawling insects on the ground. At some point back in the day, they were used as beds on decks by the English and Spanish navies.

The use of hammocks spread over the years and in the 19th century, the British used hammocks instead of cots to save on space, and in the USA, they were adopted as leisure items by wealthy families. From the information above we gather that hammocks can be adopted in many different settings even in the current life.

At the ultimate hang, therefore, we strive to provide you with comprehensive information as concerns the hammocks, the hammock stands, and the suspension systems among others. And as seen above hammocks were previously used by the Americans for leisure, which therefore means that if you have enough space in your house, you can put one up. Information has, therefore, been provided on how to set up your hammock either inside the house or during camping.


Getting the perfect hammock is not a walk in the park as there are a lot of things that have to be considered, such as the materials used in construction and their tensile strength. How much the hammock extends to the ground with regards to weight is also a factor that needs to be looked at with care, as you might find yourself sitting very close to the ground.

We have, therefore, sampled a good number of hammocks to make it easy for you to choose one that best suits your activities. For example, we have the tree tent hammocks that are totally different from the Luxury Mayan Hammocks.

The Tentsile Safari Stingray Luxury is a tree tent hammock that can be utilized by at least three people during camping. If you are out camping and want a tree tent that can contain up to three people then the Safari Stingray is your go-to tree tent, because it has been made with materials that can hold up to the sun’s UV rays. The good thing about the Sting ray luxury is that you don’t have to keep removing and putting it up for fear of the weather.

The tree tent was designed as a permanent model and can thus stay up and out for a couple of months or even five years. The Safari Stingray is versatile and can be used in many applications, for example, it can be adopted in festivals, for rental purposes or for the Air BnB’s. The Stingray is an improved version of the previous version and has been made with a lot of space that will not only contain adults but can also accommodate their gear.

The Stingray has also been equipped with other important features such as the access hatch, which can either be covered or sold as a drink holder. Another interesting feature is the rainfly, which is meant to keep out water, however, you can always remove it to enjoy the outside view or peg it to the ground, and create a covered porch area.

Another interesting tree tent hammock is the Outdoor Parachute Camping Hammock that comes with a Detachable Insect Net. The manufacturers of this hammock have tried to make it resemble the parachute as much as possible first by using nylon cloth on the outside just like in the parachute. But don’t be deceived by the fact that it is made of nylon because it is just as strong.

The nylon material also makes folding the hammock quite easy as it can shrink to a small size thus making it portable for camping trips. You will also have an easy time cleaning the hammock, however, taking extra care is a necessity with the parachute camping hammock, because for one it has been made with a nylon material, which means that it can be destroyed easily.

Other types of hammocks are available and it wouldn’t be fair if we just provided you with brief information on the various types yet you can swing by the Ultimate Hang and get a more extensive guide and review.

Luxury Hammocks

If one of your bucket list was owning a luxury hammock and enjoy nature like the Mexicans then you are home and dry. Most people have no idea about the benefits of a hammock and always get it primarily for leisure, well if you are one of those people that are skeptical about hammocks and only think of it as luxury equipment then we got news for you, keep reading.

Hammocks are stress-relieving equipment; I mean who doesn’t want a stress free life, hammocks aids your body in relaxing, thus reduces the unnatural stress. They have also been known to prevent cases of insomnia. You must have realized that as you take a rest on your hammock it does have some rocking motions, the above does help people fall asleep faster and not only that, but you will also experience some good quality sleep, as the hammock will lull you to sleep.

Now believe it or not a hammock will help your body with blood circulation, take note when you lie on your hammock, your upper body will be elevated enabling better blood circulation to the head. Consequently, your body will benefit from the reduction of toxins and improved blood pressure among other things.

People who suffer from backaches and the joint aches, know the benefits of sleeping in a hammock, remember that hammocks have zero pressure points thus your body never has a lot of choices other than to relax and in the long run, you will find that there have been some great improvements on your back and joints.

And did you know that the hammock can contribute to your overall productivity? The question is how? Remember we talked about the rocking motion of a hammock. Well, as you are resting the swaying motions tends to trigger the prefrontal cortex of your brain, which then applies focus to your mental state.

And we all know how lack of sleep can lead to crankiness, and unproductivity so if you want to enjoy some good sleep and be at the top list of best workers in your organization, use a hanging hammock.

So now that you know the importance of investing in a hammock let us look at some of the luxury hammocks like the Warimba Calakmul Mayan Hammock, well this one is what we call authentic because its sturdiness is derived from the bare hands of the Mexican Artisans.

If you happen to come across the Mayan Hammock then you will be one of the lucky people to have interacted with the peaceful and quiet city of the two adjacent pyramids Calakmul. The hammock will work best if used indoors or under the shade because it is not very accommodative of the weather, but will comfortably contain at least two people.

The hammock is 100% manmade but with a double-woven thread, and given its bone color, it is bound to get dirty, so you can machine wash it and just put it out for the sun to do it some justice. Don’t hang it in direct sunlight because you risk fading it and also the fibers will most likely become very weak.

And in case you are having trouble believing the information above we welcome you to go through the opinions of our clients and judge for yourself.

When compared to the previous luxury hammock the Warimba Keywest Mayan Hammock is not as detailed but has incorporated some very attractive colors, which are electric blue and white. The hammock also bears its roots from Mexico and will have you enjoy your day without necessarily being in a beach.

The material used is nylon, and it is also 100% manmade, the hammock can be used by two people, but be careful not to leave it at the mercy of the rain or the sun. And though made of nylon material the hammock can still be machine washed just put it inside a laundry wash bag and hang it out to the sun for drying.

Hammock Gear

Hammock camping can be quite challenging for beginners and the one thing that the Ultimate Hang prides itself in is ensuring that you have the right type of gear for your camping trip. There are different types of gear that you will need, most of which have been reviewed, we will, therefore, look at some of them briefly just to give you a glimpse of how loaded you have to be.

Are you conversant with the hammock suspension system, well if you aren’t, you are going to have one hell of a night, because you will not be able to suspend yourself from two trees or boulder rocks but rather become food for the mosquitoes and other ground insects? Another important thing that you need for hammock camping is the rainfly?

The latter will come in handy when you need to stay dry during the rainy nights, they are also very warm and will protect you from too much wind or sun. So if you plan on investing in one, which you should probably do, ensure that it has accommodations for you to store your gear when the weather gets really ugly.

Sleeping pads

There are some hammock sleeping pads designed to make your experience more comfortable, the pads have been designed in such a way that they will fit comfortably inside a hammock, without moving or slipping unnecessarily. So if you need some extra layer of insulation you could get yourself a sleeping pad.

The Underquilt and the top quilt

Under quilts are normally used inside a camping hammock their work is not very different from that of a sleeping pad, as they offer more insulation ensuring that you are warm at night. And just so that you don’t contract pneumonia there is the top quilt for the night campers, which will keep you warm and can be used in place of a sleeping bag.

Both the top and under quilt do come from different manufacturers and it would be good if you took your time to check them out before purchase.

The Bug Net

Malaria is still one of the major killer diseases in the Globe, therefore, if you don’t want to be bitten by some of the deadly wild mosquitos then best you get a bug net. Bug nets have been designed to protect you from mosquito bites, and the best have been made with the 360 design.

The Hammock stand

Hammock stands are made to make your work easier, they usually come in handy if you want to hang out at the beach shores or when swimming. Though some people use it when camping, in a secure environment since it is cannot be set very high. More information about the hammock stand can be found at the Ultimate Hang.

The support straps

Suspension straps might at times be included with your hammock or you might have to purchase them separately. They are used to support the hammock on two anchor points, therefore, be sure to check that your hammock straps are strong enough to contain the recommended weight, failure to which you will hit the ground and hurt your back. If the suspension straps are not strong enough just get some new strong ones.

At the Ultimate Hang, you will find extensive information on the Tribe Provisions Adventure Straps II that has been triple stitched for durability and comes with some stainless steel carabiners. The straps have been made with a reflective material to make it easy to spot with your spotlight at night.

Lastly and most important we give you information on the Hammock Hang Calculator, which will give you directions on how high you could install your anchor points to hang your hammock either outdoors or indoors. By using the application you will be able to access other benefits like to estimate the horizontal and gravitational forces of your hammock system.