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Hi, I am Dorothy, a hammock fan. I have been using ropes to attach my hammock to a tree for a long time. I did not know the efficiency of hammock straps until I saw my friend hang his hammock during a camping tour. This opened my eyes and made me change from ropes to straps that are more functional and make your hammock look classy.

The stability of your hammock is determined by the straps you use. That is why I will discuss the best hammock straps to help you decide what to choose. I will also cover the considerations in selecting these straps. First, let us compare them in form of a table.

Comparison table

Name Weight Length Check Price
Motem Thicc 9.6 ounces 20 feet Check Price on Amazon
Serac Tree hugger tree straps 26 ounces 15 feet Check Price on Amazon
Nature’s hangout hanglight XL 15.8 ounces 14 feet Check Price on Amazon
Mallome XL 15.0 ounces 12 feet Check Price on Amazon


Montem Thicc hammock straps

Montem Thicc hammock strapsThese straps are a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast. They can withstand a massive weight as long as you attach them correctly. Your hammock does not have to look saggy anymore. They elevate it so that you can lie on your hammock from a raised ground that is comfortable to enjoy the breeze. The straps have 20 loops that make you forget about tying knots on a rope. They also can hold up to 1200lbs.

The manufacturers use polyester material that is stitched thrice to enhance the strength of your hammock. Unlike ropes, these straps don’t lose shape due to overstretching. You can set up your hammock anywhere as long as there are trees. The wind does not affect the functioning of your straps due to maximum support. Check this out here


  • The loops allows easy wrapping on your try
  • They are long enough
  • Durable
  • Not affected by strong winds


  • They are heavy


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Serac Tree hugger hammock straps

Serac Tree hugger hammock strapsAre you worried about your hammock accumulating dirt from lose ropes? Replace them with Serac tree hugger straps. These are perfect when the trees of your ideal hammock position are far from each other. They are long and sturdy to hold your hammock in a raised ground for comfort and relaxation.

The producers of these straps use polyester that does not stretch and is durable. They use loops in place of knots. A daisy chain mechanism allows you to set up your hammock within minutes. The ability to hold at least 500lbs comes from the reinforced webbing and double stitched loops. These straps contain 24 anchor points and can go as far as 15 feet.

What I like most about this purchase is that they offer you a month trial to test out their product. The trees that you use for your hammock don’t leave traces since the straps are designed to reduce the impact of weight on trees. See the following illustration.


  • They are long
  • Made from durable material
  • Give you utmost support for your hammock
  • Protect the trees
  • Use loops for easy set up
  • They come with a carrying bag.


  • They are heavy


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Nature Hangout Hangtight XL straps

Nature Hangout Hangtight XL strapsWhether you are using huge rocks or posts to suspend your hammock, these straps will do the trick. A chain loop technology is used to help you adjust your hammock’s height according to your preference. The straps come from polyester fabric that holds your hammock in position regardless of the weight. The manufacturers reinforce the straps by using double stitching.

The fabric is also non-stretch even if you remain on your hammock the entire day. Your weight does not affect the straps. It will take you seconds to set up your hammock using these straps thanks to the inclusion of your aluminum carabiners. They come with 24 loops and a carrying bag for easy transportation. The straps are light and compact. You can get money back guarantee if they don’t satisfy your needs. Check it out here.


  • They are one of the longest straps in the market
  • Your straps are very strong and don’t stretch
  • They are easy to use when setting your hammock
  • The designs and technology use to make them increase efficiency


  • They are heavier than mere ropes.


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Mallome XL hammock straps

Unwind in a hammock that is suspended by the best hammock straps. Mallome XL straps do not waste precious time for your relaxation. These straps are made from polyester webbing fabric that does not stretch to guarantee your safety. With a weight capacity of 2000lbs, you can sleep comfortably on your hammock suspended with these straps without worrying about falling.

They do not sag your hammock and make you comfortable even after long hours. They come with two sets of carabiners for set up and a carrying bag increasing portability. Triple stitches on these straps are the reason behind their strength. You get 40 connection loops for the stability of your hammock. Follow the guidelines here.


  • Fast set-up
  • Proper suspension in the air
  • The loop system makes your straps adjustable according to your desired height
  • They make you comfortable
  • They are light
  • Reasonable price


  • The carrying bag is small.


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What should consider before buying a hammock strap?

The weight

For you to consider the weight, you have to gauge the purpose of your straps. For instance, if you are going to a camp, light-weight straps would be better than heavy ones. You can get a lightweight strap that is still strong from a well-known brand. They will not take too much space in your pack and cause fatigue as you travel.


Consider a hammock strap that can withstand heavy abuse for long. If your hammock is for sleeping, the material of your straps should be durable enough for it not to sag as you sleep. They don’t wear out quickly.


Since your hammock can be a multipurpose item, your hammock straps should be versatile to fit your different needs. Choose a strap that can be compatible with various objects and not limited to trees only.

Final thoughts

Hammock straps lay the foundation of the comfortability of your hammock. You need to choose a strong, durable strap for you to enjoy your time in a hammock without the worry of falling. All the best!



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