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Hi, I am Liz, a hammock fan, and a side sleeper. I use my hammock to relax during the day as well as sleep at night. At first, I did not find them fascinating until I realized that I have been using awkward positions to lie in them. What makes hammock positions different is how you set up your hammock.

For you maintain the right position, your hammock should be long enough and not too loose or too tight. It should be sagging so that you can sleep sideways. The position will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You may be wondering if any hammock is suitable for side sleeping. While some are designed for this purpose, others force you to lie on your back for comfort. We will look at the best hammocks for side sleepers and compare them as follows:

Comparison table

Name Material Weigh capacity Check Price
Hennessy expedition hammock Polyester and nylon 250lbs Check Price on Amazon
Warbonnet Ridgerunner hammock Nylon 250lbs Check Price on Amazon
Thunderbird dream hammock Dark olive fabric 250lbs Check Price on Amazon
Heavyweight double blackbird Nylon 400lbs Check Price on Amazon


Hennessy expedition hammock

Hennessy expedition hammockAre you bringing along your hammock for camping? Hennessy is a suitable hammock to help you enjoy side sleeping in the woods. It comes with webbing straps to ensure that trees do not damage your hammock in the woods. It is asymmetrical in shape and comes with a scout model. The design allows you to sleep on your side as it provides your back and knees proper support. It is comfortable and puts you in the right angle to sleep.

The producers of this hammock use woven polyester fabrics to give you a long-lasting hammock. You can use the additional support ropes to provide it with stability. It also comes with a mosquito mesh and a stuff sack for smooth movement. The zip model keeps you away from insects. Feel free to check out this hammock here.


  • High-density material
  • It includes webbing straps
  • The asymmetrical shape allows side sleeping
  • It is portable and stable


  • It is more inclined to taller users than shorter ones.
  • You may have some difficulty packing your hammock into the stuff sack.


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Warbonnet ridgerunner bridge hammock

Warbonnet ridgerunner bridge hammockThis falls into two categories namely single and double layer ridge runners. Both of them allows you to comfortably sleep on your side without tossing and turning looking for better sleeping angles. It is made from nylon that is water resistant to ensure that it does not soak from rain during your expeditions. The model is a bridge style with netting on top of your hammock.

You can unzip your hammock from three angles, increasing convenience to get in and out of it. It comes with a pocket to store your items on both sides. These pockets are called saddlebags. You can reach out to an object on a saddle bag without necessarily unzipping the entire hammock.

This comes with additional spreader bars to allow you to get the right position for side sleeping. You will need carabiners that come separately to help you suspend the hammock in a proper angle. This video will enlighten you on angling your hammock.


  • Protects you from insects
  • You can store several items
  • The material is water resistant
  • You can easily get in and out of this hammock


  • It does not come with a bag for the spreader bars


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Thunderbird dream hammock

Thunderbird dream hammockUnlike many hammocks, this one comes with dual zippers so that you can enter and leave your hammock from any direction. You can have a double layer of this hammock to incorporate foam pads at the bottom of your hammock for better insulation.

The producers use a diagonal lay design and asymmetrical layout that is suitable for both side sleepers and back sleepers. You can use the underquilt hooks to set up your hammock according to a comfortable suspension for sleeping. If you are tall, don’t worry about bending on this hammock like a banana. It allows you to rotate at a 30-degree angle for you to lie on your side.

It also comes with a solid vented overcover to keep you warm during the cold weather. You can get a bug mesh for your hammock to keep off any insects. The hammock is designed to raise its temperature according to the environment outside.


  • Comfortable
  • The set-up is easy
  • It is versatile
  • Comes with great features
  • It is sturdy


  • It is heavier than other hammocks.


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Black bird hammock

Black bird hammockThis remains my favorite side sleeper hammock. It is made from breathable nylon that repels water. You can also order for customization according to a specific fabric. There is a single and double layer of black bird that come with different weight capacities. If you have pads for your insulation, I recommend that you consider the double layer blackbird hammock. It will make your side sleep worth it. It also ensures that your pad is in position between the two layers without sliding.

It comes with a net and a zipper to keep the mosquitoes away as you sleep. You can roll out your net if you don’t need it. The producers also include a storage shelf for your items such as a water bottle or some sunscreen while camping. Your hammock also comes with a foot box so that you can maximize the space in it without limitations form your net. Your legs have enough room to stretch as you sleep on your side.

You can either suspend this hammock or set it up on the ground using a ground cloth to prevent it from abrasion. I like it when it is suspended in the air. It is comfortable and easy to use. Check out the video here.


  • Protects you from insects
  • Provides enough room for stretching
  • Has useful features for suspension and comfort.
  • Large weight capacity


  • It does not come with carabiners or tent stakes


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Final thoughts

We all have different ways of sleeping. Most of us practically throw away the sheet down from a bed as we struggle to find a good sleeping position. That is why you need one of the hammocks above to find a side sleeping position that is comfortable and relaxing.



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